Solution for Unable to Enter GUI After Ubuntu Update

After updating the system, I encountered an issue with Ubuntu 22.04 where the graphical interface could not be accessed. Upon booting, there was a black screen, white screen, flashing underscore, or a loop of login prompts. The error message “Failed to start NVIDIA Persistence Daemon” appeared based on the boot display, but it was possible to log in normally to the command-line interface. Issue Identification Initially, I attempted to use the command “nvidia-smi” to view NVIDIA graphics card information but encountered the following error: According to the prompt, there was a mismatch between the kernel module and driver module versions...

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How to run multiple Pleroma instance on one server

Pleroma is a lightweight decentralized social media network software, similar to Mastodon and Misskey, which can interact with other social media programs that support ActivityPub, and have many fork like Pleroma Rebased, Akkoma. I had deployed two Pleroma instances on different servers. To facilitate maintenance, I needed to migrate one of the Pleroma instances to the server where another Pleroma instance was already running. However, I couldn’t find relevant information in the official documentation or on Google. This article will explain how to run multiple Pleroma instances on one server. If you want to deploy mutiple Akkoma or (and) Pleroma...

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