A Letter Detection Method for Mailbox Based on Infrared Diffuse Reflection

Introduction Mailboxes are essential facilities for receiving mail, typically used for receiving untracked ordinary letters. However, because it requires manual confirmation of whether mail has been deposited into the mailbox, it not only necessitates regular mailbox checks but also fails to ensure timely mail reception. This paper proposes a simple method for detecting letters inside mailboxes based on infrared diffuse reflection, aiming to transform existing mailboxes into “Internet of Things”(IoT) mailboxes with mail detection and reporting capabilities. The mailbox is mainly divided into four parts: the box body, power supply, sensor, and communication. Among them, the box body is the...

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Resolve Bluetooth Tracker not working after upgrading Home Assistant

I am using Bluetooth Tracker intergration in Home Assistant to determine whether people at home. However, after updating Home Assistant, all devices showed as “away.” After checking the logs, it was discovered that the “PyBluez” library was missing. This passage explains how to make Bluetooth Tracker work with higher versions of Home Assistant. The reason Bluetooth Tracker isn’t working is that it requires a PyBluez version that doesn’t meet the requirements for Python 3.11 (the dependency version is too low). Therefore, you need to make Bluetooth Tracker intergration compatible with a higher version of PyBluez to get it working again....

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