Resolve Bluetooth Tracker not working after upgrading Home Assistant

I am using Bluetooth Tracker intergration in Home Assistant to determine whether people at home. However, after updating Home Assistant, all devices showed as “away.” After checking the logs, it was discovered that the “PyBluez” library was missing. This passage explains how to make Bluetooth Tracker work with higher versions of Home Assistant. The reason Bluetooth Tracker isn’t working is that it requires a PyBluez version that doesn’t meet the requirements for Python 3.11 (the dependency version is too low). Therefore, you need to make Bluetooth Tracker intergration compatible with a higher version of PyBluez to get it working again....

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Embedding memos Timeline in WordPress or website

“memos” is a privacy-focused, lightweight, self-hosted note-taking service that makes it easy to capture and share your brilliant ideas. WordPress, as a web content management system, lacks a mechanism for sharing fragmented content similar to microblogs like Twitter. Embedding the memos timeline in WordPress can solve this problem and provide your readers with more ways to understand you. “” is a service that uses the memos API to render static pages. In this article, we will show how to embed a specific user’s public timeline by writing iframe code in a custom HTML block in WordPress, which allows you to...

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How to run multiple Pleroma instance on one server

Pleroma is a lightweight decentralized social media network software, similar to Mastodon and Misskey, which can interact with other social media programs that support ActivityPub, and have many fork like Pleroma Rebased, Akkoma. I had deployed two Pleroma instances on different servers. To facilitate maintenance, I needed to migrate one of the Pleroma instances to the server where another Pleroma instance was already running. However, I couldn’t find relevant information in the official documentation or on Google. This article will explain how to run multiple Pleroma instances on one server. If you want to deploy mutiple Akkoma or (and) Pleroma...

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